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» The Forum Rules
Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:23 am by Savannah Willows


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The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules

Post by Savannah Willows on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:23 am

I have a few rules here, but they are very simple ones. They are up for change at any time.


1. Forumotion rules
All forumotion rules must be followed at all times.

There will be no sexual conduct of any kind on this forum.

2. You create it!
I would love to see member participation here, if you can think of an additional room or category as long as it fits in a general scheme, I may just add it in there. You, yes you reading this are helping me create this forum!

3. This is a Community
I would like to see a sense of community happen here. When you're here and in the chatbox, say hello to those entering and goodbye to those leaving it, say BRB when you have to excuse yourself.. so forth and so on. I just would like people to be polite here and nice and who doesn't like a good hearty welcome! Those are always nice!

4. Be nice to each other
Along with the politeness stated in the third rule! Let's just be good to each other! Very Happy It's nice to be nice! Everyone wants friends! Smile

5. Roleplays
Since I am making a forum for new role players, I do not expect or demand long drawn out paragraph style postings, you may keep it minimal for your comfort level, but remember, the more you give your friend to write back to, the more you'll get.  Don't worry about paragraphs or anything like that if you are just starting out. I welcome all levels, so if you want to jump in there with the paragraph posts, wonderful as you're welcome to do just that!

6. Gender Benders
If you are a first timer and you want to Role play, please play the gender that you are in real life. I started out playing a male character and had a hard time transitioning, I don't want to see anyone else go through that and that is why this rule exists.

7. Signatures
Any signature you have must be no larger than 500 wide and 700 tall. All people in signatures must be fully clothed. No cartoon characters.

8. Avatars
Avatars must be fully clothed. No cartoon characters. Must use an actor or actress for your character.

Your first step to Roleplay here is to pick a Actor or Actress to use as your face for this forum, list your choice in the section for the appropriate gender and I will classify you as a Citizen, then you are ready to Roleplay!

The people here I have labeled as instructors are people that know how to Role play already, they are the teachers of the site. I happen to have known them for a long while, but they are the people you would take advice from. If you participate and you show that you have leaned well, you too can become an instructor for others.

There will be no nepotism here. If someone I have known for ten years makes a suggestion, and the suggestion I just got from someone I have known for ten minutes makes a better suggestion, I will take the suggestion that is better, regardless of how long I have known you.
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